Word Monsters

Word Monsters 1.0.15

Forget cookies, these monsters are hungry for words

Find and swipe words as fast as you can in this cute and competitive puzzle game for iOS. View full description


  • Great graphics
  • Kids will enjoy it
  • Interesting "league" mode


  • Loopy difficulty
  • Not enough categories

Not bad

Find and swipe words as fast as you can in this cute and competitive puzzle game for iOS.

What exactly is Word Monsters?

Word Monsters is a puzzle game . In each round, you must find and eliminate the words on screen by swiping them away. The words are all a part of a prechosen theme (e.g. fruit, boy names, vegetables) for each level. There are three modes in Word Monsters: single player, random opponent, and league.

Single player simply consists of playing rounds and trying to set a high score. The multiplayer game types, random opponent and league, consist of five different rounds with each player taking turns choosing the topic prior to each round. The player with the most cumulative points wins.

Scoring more points earns you more gold coins which can be used to buy more levels or customize your monster. Your monster avatar can be customized in plenty of different ways through clothing and body parts which adds a nice personalized touch to Word Monsters.

Unfortunately, Word Monsters suffers from a few problems that stop it from being a bit more fun. It doesn't have many free categories to choose from, so you'll find yourself playing lots of games where you're looking for the names of animals or vegetables.

Another issue in Word Monsters is the difficulty setting. For the most part, this game is fairly easy for adults and challenging for kids. However, some rounds end abruptly because words weren't removed in the right order which is often a surprise and messes up the tempo of the game.

Swipe away

The controls for Word Monsters are simple: swipe the word you want to remove. Unfortunately, the controls can get a bit clumsy. Sometimes, especially on smaller devices, it can be difficult to swipe the correct word causing you to have to swipe several times to do it correctly.

There's also a problem with the location of the bonus button: since words are constantly moving towards the bottom of the screen, you'll occasionally hit the bonus button instead of a word.

Those sorts of mistakes can cost you time and, by extension, points. 

A mixed bag

Word Monsters has sharp graphics, a comical tone, and gameplay that kids are likely to enjoy. Unfortunately, it's ultimately held back by an inconsistent difficulty, a lack of categories to choose from, and finicky controls. 

Word Monsters


Word Monsters 1.0.15